Friday, June 24, 2005

Background Part 2 : Gaming

What can I say, I like the video games. I prefer mostly RPGs: pen and paper, MMO, console, what have you.

My game of choice is and has been Dungeons and Dragons, for its flexibility and pure class. Particularly now that 3rd Edition (well, 3.5) is standard, it's a very tactical game, which I enjoy. I don't follow published worlds (Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms) much, but I do enjoy Greyhawk, the original D&D setting, and Arcanis, a 3rd party product. I primarily play Living games through the RPGA: Living Greyhawk in particular. In past times I played Living Arcanis and some of the others, but this is not as much the case today. I've also played a few of the classic Greyhawk moudles, most notably the Temple of Elemental Evil, and will hopefully experience more. The history is quite impressive and devious. I've also played a variant of Vampire: the Masquerade, Exalter, and Star Wars (the WotC RPG). Other games I've played, but not enough to really understand them. I've also picked up a number of systems (Ars Magic, In Nomine) that I haven't played but provide a useful background of knowledge and a greater understanding of system design.

Two MMORPGs I play quite a bit. One is Final Fantasy 11. I am Brodrik, on the Caitsith server. I'm a Hume from Bastok (rank 10). I'm primarily a Dark Knight (lv 73), but I've dabbled in thievery (55), black magic (41), and the ways of many other jobs. I took up crafting heavily for a while and am an accomplished alchemist (81) as well as skilled in the ways of woodworking (60), smithing (57) and clothcraft (53). I know a bit of cooking (30), leathercraft (?) and bonecraft (?). I hate fishing. I hate farming, too. Notorious monster camping I don't like. Most of my money must've come by accident. I made some of up levelling up crafting (weird, huh), crafting for specific goals, or doing fun stuff like ENMs. My social linkshells are AltanasWrath and HNMilf. AW was born out of KnightsOfTheRoundXI, which I joined back in the mid-50s with my static's Red Mage, Siege. He has since then left. HNMilf I joined rather recently due to people in AW. My HNM shell is a joint project between these two linkshells and two additional ones: BaronsRedWings and Banditos. I have to say, BRW had a reputation for quality far, far back in my memory. I once had a Dynamis shell, but that is no more. I also have a static (with its own linkshell) of some lower-level folks that know how to experience the game well: Alcedea. This is where my thievery is practiced.

I've also been playing Guild Wars. I have a Mesmer/Elementalist (level 20 + quite a bit, far into the game) and a Warrior/Monk (level 10, not far at all). I play with some folks I know through my former roommate at Clemson, Dan. Most of them are West Coasters, but they're okay nonetheless. Guild Wars has some interesting design choices and is great as a game you don't want to spend too much time on. Far too many people take it too seriously, though, and PvP play is a big thing.

In the console / single-player world, I've greatly enjoyed much of the Final Fantasy series, as well as some other notable games, like Rachet and Clank and Disgaea. Still, the best game, in my opinion, is Final Fantasy Tactics. I've also played and enjoyed America's Army and Neverwinter Nights for a while. America's Army was an odd game. I normally don't like first-person shooters, but the necessary teamwork and realistic touches in the game make it good. I've since stopped though. Neverwinter Nights is good, but it's basically D&D for people that don't have some friends and a table to sit around.

Final Fantasy 11:

Dark Knight, with Artifact helm and a greatsword

Dark Knight, with Optical hat and a scythe


Guild Wars:


Mesmer, in town (no creepy mask)

You can see I prefer effectiveness (good stats) over style. Also, the screenshot functions in this games are not my friends. I do like the Dark Knight look though, even though the hats are kind of silly. I used to have one that made me look like Robocop, but it was replaced by the two I have now. Guild Wars lets you dye your armor various colors. With the already-weird armor I had for Mesmer, I thought a reddish-purple leisure suit look would make things as uncomfortable as possible. Brodrik the Leisure Suit Dominator! Ugh. (Mesmers do use a skill called Domination magic, and yes, the evil mask does make you a better Dominator.)


At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Skyrender said...

I can only imagine what happens in PvP with that outfit...

"Alright, here they co- OMG!!! that's hideous! I've gone blind!" *boof*

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Judson said...

Sadly, it doesn't keep the meaty sorts from beating on me me with hammers and swords.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Damianus said...

I am working on a Mesmer and trying to determine if it is the right character for me to support a guild with. Interestingly enough I am a physics major and I wonder if there is a connection.

At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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